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Wine cellar refrigeration Wine cellar

Ideally, wine should be kept in 56 degrees and in 55-75% relative humidity. This allows the wine to gracefully age over time. For a high-quality wine cellar refrigeration system, turn to Wansley Refrigeration Services to maintain and refrigerate your collection of wine.  


Our refrigerator system range starts from 300 cu.ft. and goes all the way up to a 3,000 cu.ft. refrigeration system. Our wine room evaporators can handle from 1,000 to 23,000 BTU/hr, perfect for your new construction or your existing structure. Call 512-453-7361.

Efficient wine cellar refrigeration systems

A wide range of wine cellars

Wansley Refrigeration Services offers wine cellars that use ductless split systems, split air handler systems, and self-contained wine room systems. Self-contained systems have both the evaporator and the condenser in one unit, making it easy to set up and install.


If you require a refrigeration system for a larger wine room, we recommend the light commercial grade system that provides excellent capabilities. We use Trenton Condensers and LRC Evaporators in the large walk-in rooms.

Call us for a FREE estimate on wine cellar refrigeration systems.


Store your prized collection of wine in a special room

Basements are best to store wine, but as they are a rare in Austin, TX, spare rooms or space underneath stairs can be used for wine rooms. Our professionals will plan the wine room after taking a look at your property and analyzing your wine collection.


Wine room construction involves insulating walls, ceilings, and floors. This is done to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Windows and doors must be sealed to keep the room airtight.


If you choose to have a glass door, then double-paned thermal glass must be used. Specially-designed exterior door are recommended for a perfect wine cellar room.


Minimum artificial light must be used inside the wine cellar room as too much exposure to light can be harmful to wine. An important note is that floors must never be carpeted.

Let us control the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar