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Look no further than Wansley Refrigeration Services for your cooling needs. As a factory-authorized dealer for American Standard and Carrier, we provide cooling solutions and install any type of HVAC system for residential and commercial customers. Call us at 512-453-7361.


The air-source heat pump system best suits the climate of Austin, TX. With this type of system, the cooling system runs in reverse, transferring heat between your house and the outside air. It needs an auxiliary small electric heat source in the air handler for cold days.

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According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, the home heating system consumes as much as 50% of the energy used in the average home. Split-system heating and cooling solutions have equipment installed both inside and outside the home.


The condenser or heat pump is installed outside and a furnace or air handler is installed inside the home in a split-system. These are connected refrigeration pipes and a low-voltage electrical wire, allowing air to be distributed through a duct system.

How does a standard split-system AC work?

In a standard split-system AC, a condensing unit is the main component, which has a compressor, coils, a fan, and an electrical system. The condenser gets warm and the evaporator coil gets cold, cooling the inside of the home.


But when it is used in harsh winters, the outside condenser gets cold and the inside evaporator coil inside the air handler gets warm. This produces a heating effect. A heat pump heats your home when the outside temperature is above 25 degrees.

What if the temperature falls below 25 degrees?

You'll need a secondary heat source. Gas, oil, propane furnace, or electric resistance heat (heater coils) are required to keep your home warm. Established in 1944, Wansley Refrigeration Services is a local business serving all of Austin and the surrounding areas.


You could also choose to install a ductless mini-split AC, perfect for home additions or for specific areas, such as an entire floor or a wing of a home. The advantage of this system is that it doesn't require ducting from inside of the home.

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